Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working on Episode 2

Hello there!
We have already started working on the second episode. It's going to showcase much more special abilities than the first episode, including wall jumps you can see on the attached screenshot! We believe that it'll be even more enjoyable than the first one :).

The other news is that we decided to add difficulty levels for story mode. If you found episode one too easy then you might enjoy the game much more with the new hardcore difficulty. We're also going to release an update for the first episode that will include the new difficulty as well as some other minor improvements.

There's also one thing we'd like to ask you to do. There was recently an issue with Xbox Live Indie Games ratings abuse - you can read on it here.

Unfortunately due to low number of ratings Oozi had suffered from automated downrating even more than other games and its average rating dropped pretty significantly. We're hoping to regain our previous position over time, but if you'd like to speed up the process please find the game on the Game Marketplace and rate it. If you have a Gold profile then you can rate it on as well.


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