Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Level design

As it has been already stated, the games contains 50 levels, not too many, not to few - a lot of work though. I have just finished working on a next level so I can present some statistics.

This level has been created within 3 days. This is one of the Story Mode level therefore it should take 10-12 minutes of playing. The elements put into the level are:
- 20655 tiles (platforms, spikes, ...)
- 305 neutral objects (plants, stones, ...)
- 660 collectable objects (stars)
- 138 objects ( enemies, traps)
- 629 collision area

In addition there are quite a few scripts defining events on this level. There it is the general picture on the workload leading to creation of this level. Creating game and designing levels are very interesting but highly time consumable.

There is a movie below to show a part of the level has been created . It is about an hour of work on the movie, which equals around 1/20 part of the level.


  1. I'm waiting for more xD I will play this game in 100% .Czekam na więcej xD Zagram w Oozi'ego na 100%

  2. Post more, please!
    Great blog.

  3. @Sorat - I too / ja też!
    and it looks zaje**ście :D


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