Friday, August 28, 2009

Some facts about the game

OK, it’s time for some facts about yet untiteled game. Please note some things may still change.

The game contains 3 modes – story, challenge, and arcade.

Story mode contains 20 fairly long levels, with fairly linked storyline. The player is learning more possibilities with the game development, learns how the game works etc. (typical 2-D platform game standard in nut shell)

Challenge mode contains 30 levels with increased level of difficulty. The levels are shorter than in story mode (3-5 mins each), but with a specific goal to be achieved by the player: level completion in a certain time, elimination of all the enemies etc. You have to complete certain level of story mode to unlock further levels in challenges mode.

Arcade mode is unlocked after completion of story one. This mode allows play any level of story mode. Additionally there is a system on evaluation at the end of each level in this mode. A player needs to go through the level in a certain way in order to get the best rank for level completion.

The whole game world is divided into 4 separate areas. They differ in apperiance as well as in the variety of enemies and other obstacles.

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